Mobile Phone Repeater for Home LCD-300

Indoor coverage:
3300 ft²
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1 Band
Kit contents
  • LCD-300 repeater,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
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  • 30-DAY return policy
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Nikrans LCD-300 is the latest and most modern repeater from Nikrans designed to improve the GSM connection for superior voice quality. Make and receive infinite calls from your friends & family without having to worry about dropped calls! With a significant area coverage of up to 300 m2(3300 ft2), get excellent signal strength everywhere in your large office, home, villa, apartment or even in the basement.

It operates at a frequency of 900 MHz, which is the standard in the UK as well as in most European countries.

Nikrans LCD-300 stabilises GSM, GPRS and EDGE connection. In case your provider uses 900MHz band for 3G, the LCD-300 repeater will also boost your 3G Internet without having the need of buying a separate booster.

The booster has a number of unique features, such as:

  • A vibrant LCD screen. You can now see input and output signal strength levels, installation tips, error notifications and other important system information using the LCD screen. Hence, it becomes effective and easy for non-technical users as they can understand the technical aspects of this device.
  • Sleep mode. For energy saving purposes, the device goes into sleep mode and the screen shuts down when the device does not detect any network activity.
  • Automatic Shut-off. In case of any network malfunction or issues, the system shuts down automatically preventing damages to the booster.
  • Stylish design and compact size. Being of light weight, stylish and compact with modern design and a LCD display, it will make an excellent addition to the decor of your house, office, shop or restaurant.
  • Certified by CE and RoHS. It is certified by CE and RoHS, the leading bodies for issuing certifications of network equipment, hence making it 100% safe for human usage.

Order Nikrans LCD-300 GSM amplifier now and forget about having any dropped calls ever again!


Coverage:3300 ft²
Up-link freq:60
Down-link freq:935-960
Up-link Gain:50 dB
Down-link Gain:60 dB
Power Output:15 dBm
Working t °C:-25/+55 °C
Humidity:5 - 95 %
Size (mm):165 × 115 × 35
Booster Weight:0.5 kg
Power supply:Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year:2017
Download Datasheet

How it works

Even if you have a large house or villa, improving of your poor GSM signal there won’t be a problem, as Mobile Phone Repeater for Home LCD-300 has excellent indoor coverage of 300 m2 (3300 ft2). Ordering this mobile phone signal booster, you will get all the components that are required to ensure that LCD-300 works in a proper way with the highest effectiveness. The standard kit comprises LCD-300 booster box (It is a main component that improves the received signal), two antennas (one for catching and the second one for transmitting the signal), two cables (they are needed to connect antennas with a booster box), a power supply and a manual (all the necessary information is provided there).

Case Studies

Mark Beeston, Edinburgh

The signql issues used to slow my work extremely!

My story was very trivial from the beginning. I’m a student in the university and, as lots of us do at that age and circumstances like that, I rent a small weird apartment that was on the lowest floor of the building, partially underground. That location surely didn’t do my phone and internet signals any good. In fact, it affected them a lot in a bad way, I was out of cell phone range almost all the time, and my internet connection was extremely poor. I needed it for my studies, so all these issues irritated me a lot, slowing down my working process.

Raphael Gribben, Kingussie

The booster provides me the desired signal.

My choice of the booster fell on company, because they seemed really trustworthy. I needed a booster for just the GSM and 3G signal, but rather powerful, since the cabin is in the obstructed area. They offered me a really affordable model. They never tried to sell me something more expensive with lots of unnecessary functions, and they never tried to charge some extra money.

Ramesh Kumar, Birmingham

Now I have really strong GSM and 3G signals!

After I installed the booster, everything started working very well. We are having stable 3G and GSM signals throughout our entire apartment and in the office as well, and we can do all our business-related things effectively. The internet speed is great and it allows us to do everything we both need online at the same time, which is very convenient, and the quality of our calls is amazing.

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