Mobile Signal Repeater for Home Nikrans LCD-800

Indoor coverage:
8700 ft²
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1 Band
Kit contents
  • LCD-800 amplifier,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
Shipping (3-7 business days) to United Kingdom
  • 5-step pre-delivery check
  • 30-DAY return policy
  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
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Nikrans LCD-800 is a GSM amplifier with the sole purpose of improving GSM signal reception and voice clarity in areas with poor connectivity. It features an LCD display, sleep mode and an auto control function, as well as many other useful options. The mobile signal repeater for home boosts voice signals at GSM 900 MHz frequency, one of the most common operated frequencies in the UK and Europe for GSM network.

LCD-800 is suitable for large indoor areas providing coverage of up to 800 m2 (8600 ft2), which makes it appropriate for big office buildings, parking lots, restaurants, conference halls and basements, etc.

Listed below are some of the most notable features of this device:

  • LCD display showing signal levels, setup instructions, error messages and possible solutions.
  • Stand-by mode that deactivates the device when not in use, and reactivates when network activity is detected.
  • Automatic control of gain and signal level for avoiding interference and self-excitation to prevent any damages of the device.
  • Safety certifications from RoHS and CE that prove its usage risk-free for health.

The Nikrans LCD-800 amplifier serves not only to amplifying voice calls at 900 MHz, but also 3G internet at the same frequency, if your network operator utilize 900 MHz for delivering the enumerated mobile services We also provide a three-year warranty for all the amplifiers we offer, with an additional option to get an extra year warranty.

Order the Nikrans LCD-800 repeater now and bid farewell to dropped calls once and for all.


Coverage: 8700 ft²
Up-link freq: 75
Down-link freq: 935-960
Up-link Gain: 65 dB
Down-link Gain: 75 dB
Power Output: 23 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 193 × 116 × 27
Booster Weight: 1 kg
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2017
Download Manual Download Datasheet

How it works

For owner of large facilities, including office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, Mobile Phone Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-800 which is able to transmit the improved cell signal over the indoor area of up to 800 m2 (approximately 8700 ft2) can become an irreplaceable helper. Such a booster can be installed in every building regardless its structure, number of rooms and even floors. Though there is a standard kit, you can always upgrade it and buy some additional components (like antennas) or replace the existing ones (for example, instead of an indoor antenna cable of 5 m you can order a longer one, if it is required by the circumstances and peculiarities of your facilities).

Customer Reviews

 ·  I  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Safe and Effective

For me the safety of the device was very important as I have three little children. The manager on the phone explained that the product conforms to safety standards and doesn’t emit any radiation. So I decided to go for it and satisfied with the equipment so far.

Dear Isabella, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  A  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Standard Booster

I was looking for a booster to improve poor GSM signal in the studio located in the underground. Fortunately, this model isn’t very expensive and effectively amplifies voice connection.

Dear Alexander, thank you for the review. We hope to see you at our store again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  A  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Improves Phone Calls

Bought it to improve the quality of phone calls - had just one bar in my summer house. The device fulfills its functions well. The staff at the company is very nice. In case I decide to buy another amplifier to boost the Internet connection, I will address to them only.

 ·  E  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

For Large Areas

In my office I had a very bad signal. It was practically impossible to make a call as the walls were too thick to let the signal get into the building. With the booster I manage to receive calls and call myself, audibility during conversations is good.

Dear Ethan, thank you very much for the review. We are glad that your problem found a solution. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  B  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Had some difficulties with outdoor antenna

One of the main advantages of the device is that its functioning process is very understandable and it's not that complicated to mount it though I struggled for quite a time fixing the outdoor antenna to the TV mast. In general, the booster is quite good.

Dear Bradley, thank you for the feedback. We are happy that you are satisfied with the purchase. Best regards, Support team.

Case Studies

Rachel Leer, Bradford

Trustworthy company is a great and reliable company with nicely designed easy-to-use website, that provides all the information you need before deciding to buy a booster from them. And if you need some more information, it would be provided by their technical support. They are always online to help with the repeater installation or answer other questions regarding the products, and I appreciate their work a lot.

Ned Iddings, Cardiff

The set includes all the necessary parts.

Soon after we placed an order at store, we received it. It was, I think, not longer than three days – just as it said on the website. Which means it wasn’t a lie. And the list of the things that the package was supposed to include was true as well – nothing was mistaken or broken or wrong in general. There weren’t too many parts that we needed, and they all were already in the package.

Stuart Gale, Salisbury

Compact antennas, easy to fix.

Mounting the signal repeater was a pretty easy task. We had several windows in the room, but we weren’t allowed to place the antenna outside. So we located the outside antenna as close to the window as possible, and placed the indoor antenna on the ceiling. It didn’t affect the interior design at all. We finished the installing process by plugging the booster box into the power socket.

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