Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Indoor coverage:
5400 ft²
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3 Band
Kit contents
  • Nikrans LCD-500GDW signal amplifier,
  • 2 indoor ceiling antennas + 5m and 10m cables,
  • whip antenna,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
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  • 30-DAY return policy
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The Nikrans LCD-500GDW is a triband amplifier which amplifies three different frequencies, i.e. 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz. Usually models are designed for a single purpose, such as improving either voice signal or 3G network or 4G Internet. But the dualband and triband models supporting the above mentioned frequencies simultaneously may thus improve not only voice calls but also the quality of 3G and 4G networks. This particular model is characterized by a considerable indoor coverage area of up to 500 m2 (5300 ft2). To put this into perspective, this is enough for providing excellent coverage in large offices, apartments, villas, pubs and underground premises. The amplifier features not one, but 3 smart LCD screens, which provide vital information about the system such as its status, auto control options, signal gains and more.

Nikrans LCD-500GDW comes with the following innovative features:

  • LCD display. The amplifier has three intelligent displays showing installation tips, error solutions, signal strength and other important information about the device. Each screen displays information for its own frequency band.
  • Sleep mode. When you do not use your smartphone for voice calls and internet, the amplifier goes into energy saving mode. But it jumps back into working mode as soon as you start using your smartphone.
  • Auto control function. The amplifier automatically adjusts the gains based on incoming signal strength.
  • Compact, beautiful and contemporary design. The LCD screens, black durable casing, and compact size will make this amplifier model suitable for your location.

The Nikrans LCD-500GDW is also compatible with all UK's and Irish network operators. It also complies with internationally recognised health and safety standards, i.e. CE and RoHS.

Buy this triband amplifier right now and forget about dropped calls and slow Internet speed for good!


Coverage:5400 ft²
Up-link freq:935-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 2110-2170MHz
Down-link freq:935-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 2110-2170MHz
Up-link Gain:65 dB
Down-link Gain:70 dB
Power Output:15 dBm
Working t °C:-25/+55 °C
Humidity:5 - 95 %
Size (mm):325 × 270 × 60
Booster Weight:5 kg
Power supply:Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year:2017
Download Datasheet

How it works

The mobile phone signal amplifier Nikrans LCD-500GDW is designed for large buildings (its coverage area is approximately 500 m2 which is 5300 ft2), it is very important to install the device correctly in order to achieve the highest performance.

The external antenna should be placed outdoors at a height (roof is a perfect location for it). Since the amplifier comes with three indoor antennas (two for ceiling mount and one whip antenna), it is recommended to fix them in such a manner that the amplified signal is delivered uniformly all over the premises (e.g., one one the ground floor and the other one on the first floor).

Please remember that on the LCD screens located on the booster box, you will find useful tips regarding installation process.

Case Studies

Richard Nealon, Drogheda

We are extremely happy with this booster!

I chose as a solution for my company’s signal problems because they are very professional, they openly provided me all the information that I needed, they have a large variety of booster models to choose from, for various situations, operators, building sizes and types of signals. Their prices are also very attractive and don’t affect the quality of their products in a bad way at all.

Graham Cooper, Wakefield

The team helped me to pick up the rigth booster.

Thanks to and their wonderful online customer support, we solved our Giffgaff signal problems very fast and in a really convenient way. They helped us by providing all the information about their products and helping us choose the perfect model – the one that we eventually ended up buying and never regretted it. Being able to remain a Giffgaff user was important and we’re glad we could achieve it.

Cameron Asch, Gloucester

Simplicity in assembling and installing!

One of the pluses of working with is that they provide detailed manual for the installation of the boosters available at their website. So anyone can install the device purchased without professionals. For example, I managed to set up the repeater I had bought from them together with my neighbor, without any additional help.

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