Nikrans NS350-GSM+4G/LTE Signal Amplifier

Indoor coverage:
3800 ft²
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Kit contents
  • NS-350 GSM+4G/LTE signal amplifier,
  • indoor panel antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor panel antenna + 10m cable,
  • power supply,
  • user manual,
  • 3-year warranty.
Shipping (3-7 business days) to United Kingdom
  • 5-step pre-delivery check
  • 30-DAY return policy
  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
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Nikrans NS350-GSM+4G/LTE signal amplifier is one of the latest booster models by Nikrans, a reliable brand known for providing high quality signal boosters. This specific model is designed to improve GSM voice calls and 4G internet connection at frequencies of 900 MHz and 2600 MHz or 800 MHz, respectively. If you are based in the United Kingdom, you can use this device with peace of mind as it is compatible all network providers there. Once you place an order, we will verify your LTE frequency and ship the most appropriate booster model.

The Nikrans EGSM/LTE signal amplifier is a robust and powerful signal booster designed to cover areas as large as 3700 ft2 (350m2). Therefore, you can use it in your apartments, villas, large offices or even underground premises with poor network coverage.

Some of the most unique features of Nikrans NS350-GSM+4G/LTE are:

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC). With this feature, you do not have to manually adjust the gains level as the device automatically does that for you based on incoming signal strength.
  • Manual Gain Control (MGC). If you are a technical user and are not satisfied with the automatic gain controls, you can switch to the MGC and manually adjust gains.
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC). This is an added option not provided in previous models, that allows the device to automatically control the levels of incoming signals.
  • Shut-off function. The automatic shut-off function helps in avoiding self-oscillation and turns off the system in case of emergencies.

Order Nikrans EGSM/LTE signal amplifier now to enjoy crystal clear voice calls and 4G internet at a breakneck speed.


Coverage:3800 ft²
Up-link freq:65
Down-link freq:925~960MHz & 791-821MHz & 2620-2690MHz
Up-link Gain:60 dB
Down-link Gain:65 dB
Power Output:13 dBm
Working t °C:-25/+55 °C
Humidity:5 - 95 %
Size (mm):250 × 220 × 52
Booster Weight:3.2 kg
Power supply:Input AC90~264V, output DC 9V
Model Year:2017
Download Datasheet

How it works

Although the installation of the signal amplifier Nikrans NS350-GSM+4G/LTE is very fast and simple, there are still a few things to bear in mind during the set up process. First make sure that your outside antenna is able to catch any kind of signal. While mounting, take into account the location of all obstacles on the way between the signal and the outside antenna. As far as the indoor antenna is regarded, it’s better to mount it somewhere in the center of the building because only in this case every part of the area will receive equally improved signal. If you have any questions regarding the installation or the functioning of the device look through the manual provided in the kit or feel free to contact our support team.

Case Studies

James Hovey, Swindon

Fully corresponds to our needs!

Even with our signal issues, it would have been very inconvenient for my company to change tariff plans and/or look for another operator that would possibly have better signal at our office. Or wouldn’t. So we needed to improve the existing signal, and, recommended by one of our employees, promised us they could easily do it in our case and help us work efficiently, using our internet and cell phones again.

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