Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150D

Indoor coverage:
1700 ft²
EE Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DVodafone Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DVirgin Mobile Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DTesco Mobile Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DBT Mobile Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DGiffgaff Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DAsda Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DThe People's Operator Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150DPlusnet Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150D
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1 Band
Kit contents
  • Nikrans LCD-150D booster,
  • indoor whip antenna,
  • outdoor antenna + 16m cable,
  • power supply
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Nikrans LCD-150D is a mobile signal repeater that improves both voice connection and 4G LTE Internet of certain mobile services providers. The LCD-150D model operates at 1800 MHz frequency band. This frequency is widely used by some EU operators, mostly in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Nikrans LCD-150D repeater boosts mobile signal within 1700 ft2, which makes it perfect for such accommodations as offices, small-sized private houses, stores, cafes and many others.

The signal repeater Nikrans LCD-150D ensures reliable mobile communication making it easy to talk on the phone in every spot of the place. Also, you can use this model for improving your 4G Internet connection on condition that your operator uses 1800MHz 4G LTE band.

Nikrans LCD-150D 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz signal repeater is a high-quality, trustworthy and efficient device. It meets CE and RoHS international safety standards and is absolutely safe to use 24/7.

Purchase the Nikrans repeater and enjoy excellent mobile connection and data throughout your place!


Coverage: 1700 ft²
Up-link freq: 65
Down-link freq: 1805-1880
Up-link Gain: 60 dB
Down-link Gain: 65 dB
Power Output: 15 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 165 × 115 × 35
Booster Weight: 0.5 kg
Power supply: AC 110~220V, DC5V/2A, 2.5W
Model Year: 2017
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How it works

There are a few things which you should bear in mind when installing the signal repeater for 4G/LTE LCD-150D. First of all, you should remember that the amount of your inside coverage provided by the signal booster depends directly on the strength of your current outside signal. Therefore, it is advisable to mount the outdoor antenna in the place with the best possible signal reception. It is better to locate indoor and outdoor antennas on significant distance from each other to avoid the circulation of the signal, which usually appears when the signal from the outside antenna is caught by the inside antenna, improved and transferred to the outside antenna again.

Customer Reviews

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Efficient for 4G

I was looking for some simple model of a booster to amplify 4G signal in my workshop. My surfing on the site was not really helpful (and mainly it's quite confusing when you have to choose a model) so I had to ask for help in the live chat. The agent advised me this model and as the price was not sky rocketing I bought it. The installation - well quite simple for me but I'm used to such DIY things. The efficiency - I would say good, I have my 4 bars, though only in 4G, doesn't work for 3G and calls. If you need that go for another model.

Dear Adam, thank you for the review. That's true that the model is not suitable for amplifying 3G though in certain cases (depending on the operator) may be efficient for ampligying 2G. Best regrads, Support team.

Case Studies

Greg Bamford, Galashiels

Amazing quality and efficiency!

After I purchased a cell phone signal repeater LCD-150D at this store, my life has changed for the better. I never had any signal issues since the repeater was installed. My signal is stable and strong, the internet connection is good and I can talk to my clients over the phone anytime and be perfectly heard without any interruptions and signal losses. I can easily work from home and submit everything on time.
Matthew Mashali, Shirebrook

Boosters for all budgets!

Even if you are sure that you can’t afford an expensive signal repeater and think that this solution won’t fit your budget ant you’ll have to get used to your weak signal – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that offer high-quality cell phone signal repeaters at very reasonable prices everyone can afford. It won’t affect your budget badly and it’s a device that is absolutely worth having.

Joseph Mills, Livingston

My Virgin Mobile poor signal turned strong!

I finished college and had to move in with my family for a while. They were all subscribers of other operator, so when I settled in, I discovered that Virgin Mobile signal in their house is very poor and they have no cell towers nearby. So it turned out that their tech support couldn’t help me with anything. But did actually solve the problem and helped me enhance that weak signal so I didn’t have to cancel Virgin Mobile subscription.
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