·  Mathew Adams  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  NS-600GW

Great service

This is not the first time I deal with this company and every time I get fully satisfied with their service. The support team is always polite and they are always ready to listen to your problem and to provide the best solution.
Dear Mathew, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Anthony Gabriel  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GDW

The LCD screen helps

Since I love to be in control of all of my devices, the LCD screen on this model really helps me understand what’s going on with the repeater. Not that it needs any adjustments, but it’s still very convenient.
Hi Anthony! It’s great that you like the booster model that you purchased! Sincerely, Support team.

 ·  Ross  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  NS-GSM+4G-PRO-Boat

Good product

I’ve bought the booster not so long ago, but I have already tested it and I can tell you that I have no complaints about the product and the supplier. I’m satisfied!
Dear Ross, thank you for leaving a review. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the product. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Leo Wood  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  NS-5000GDW

Reasonable price

I was looking for a booster which would cover a huge area of the underground parking. All the models I found were incredibly expensive, and this one had the most reasonable price. Works well.
Dear Leo, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Roy Hues  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-12-2019  ·  LCD-1000GDW

Had installation issues

There arose some problems during the installation. Later I understood that the distance between the indoor and outdoor antenna should be at least 10 meters. Otherwise, issues may occur.
Dear Roy, thank you for the review. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need help. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Samuel Richardson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-12-2019  ·  NS-GD-Drive

Old Model

This model was released in 2017, so it’s a bit old. But as it was cheaper than the newest ones, I decided to buy it. Well, it’s not bad… I use it primarily to improve poor GSM when I’m driving to work, although it deals with weak internet as well. By the way it amplifies both 3G and 4G, as it supports two frequencies, i.e. 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The installation kit included everything needed for mounting.
Dear Samuel, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Ann Davies  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-12-2019  ·  NS-3G-Drive

An excellent gift

I bought it directly for my father's birthday – he is a driver and my mother always worried when the mobile Internet signal was weak and poor in particular places. My dad fixed it by himself and was completely satisfied with a product. I recommend the device for everyone.
Dear Ann, thank you for the review. We are glad to know we helped to solve the issue. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  Malia Larsen  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-12-2019  ·  LCD-300GW

Perfect for our library

I recommended my boss to buy this booster for the library I work in, and it was the best decision ever! Now the internet finally works smoothly, and more students come to study here without being dead to the world.
Hello Malia, our team is very glad that we could help the library you work in. Knowledge is important! Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Tara Cano  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-12-2019  ·  NS-1100GD

Excellent service

The managers at the store are very professional. Answered all of my questions and helped me choose this model which I’m not disappointed in. Good job!
Hi, Tara! Thank you for your feedback. We’re happy that we could help. Feel free to contact us in case you have any more questions. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Walid  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  LCD-1200GW

Simple to use

I bought this dualband booster for the parking lot. It’s very simple. It’s equipped with two LCD screens, which show all the necessary information regarding the functioning and the installation. The left screen shows information about GSM signal and the right one about 3G. LED indicators show whether the device is on/off. There is no additional software you need to install. The signal is amplified automatically as soon as you turn the booster on.
Dear Walid, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are pleased with the product. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Daphne Hearne  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  NS-150GW

I’m using it in the village

I bought it for my private house located in the village. I had no reception there. But at the weekend I installed the amplifier there and now it makes my every visit to the village happy and joyful. I no more get nervous about poor signal. I’m always in touch, I don’t miss important calls. The device boosts both GSM and 3G, although I rarely use the internet connection, I thought that it would be better to buy a more universal device, just in case my guests would like to surf the net.
Dear Daphne, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Anny Young  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  LCD-150D

Not bad

So, what can I say… In general, it’s not bad. Nevertheless, if you are waiting for the WOW effect you may not get it, as this is a very ordinary booster, which improves GSM and sometimes but not always 4G at 1800 MHz. In my case the booster works only to better poor GSM, as my operator doesn’t use 1800 MHz band for 4G. So maybe I’ll buy another one for improving slow internet connection.
Dear Anny, thank you for the review. Feel free to contact us any time you need. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Heidi Jo  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  LCD-1200

Good thing but see notes on installation

Be ready to test different locations around your apartments. You also need to make sure the antenna is installed ~20 feet away from the unit. You need to position the indoor antenna appropriately as well.
Dear Heidi, thank you for contacting us, we greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Bryan E.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  LCD-400D

Safe for children

My two-year-old child threw the amplifier off the shelf. Luckily, it was made from light thick plastic and everything was great with my kid. In addition, the shell of the booster also remained unharmed through the height was about 1 m.
Hi Bryan, thank you for the feedback. That's great that your child was not injured. Take care, support team.

 ·  Cliff Bohne  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  17-12-2019  ·  NS550-GSM+4G

Worth a try

I live in an area where Vodafone service is spotty. Making calls require additional effort. Well, I chose this booster and spent the money. I had to go up and down the ladder more than 100 times for installation. The result? It works. I went from zero to a bar of 4G to a consistent 3 bar signal. It is a full improvement over what I had but, for the money, I was expecting more. And another thing to keep in mind, the open signal app is useful in finding the direction of the tower you are receiving. In my case, the tower I thought was mine was another provider’s one.
Dear Cliff, we appreciate your review. Thanks and regards, Support team.

 ·  Oliver Smith  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  16-12-2019  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Smart device

This booster is one of the most advanced devices I’ve met. It has a display with touch screen and a number of advantages that make it really smart. I installed it in the countryside house and the level of signal there never falls below three bars. As the device works at three bands, it improves signal for any mobile operator. I have fast mobile internet now, and the voice connection is much better than it used to be.
Dear Oliver, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the product. Best regards, Ыupport team.

 ·  Mark F.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  15-12-2019  ·  LCD-1200GD

Not bad

The booster was delivered after 3 days I bought it online. I claimed that I could install it without a specialist but I was wrong. I don’t try to blame your company on this occasion but I think they may send a professional for free. However, the model works well and I enjoy a strong signal inside and outside a house.
Dear Mark, thank you for the honest review. We will consider this offer with our team and we are happy that functionality is doing great. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Tony Brew  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GW

Not bad for an amplifier

This LCD-500GW improves the signal at my office well but it shows only 3 bars instead of 4 as I expected. Generally, it’s enough for an average-sized area and out work team can operate properly.
Dear Tony, thank you for the review. We hope that signal gaps will reduce soon in your area to reach the full capacity of the booster. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  Mike Jefferson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD-GD-Boats

Convenient to use

I liked the booster very much. It has a stand-by mode and the whole system is self-adjusting, so it’s more effective and powerful than the older models.
Dear Mike, thank you for the feedback. We are happy to know that you liked the purchase. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Dexter Brickman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-4G-D

Not bad

I'm satisfied with the booster, but when it was delivered, I couldn't find a cable for an external antenna. Well, it wasn't too inconvenient because I left the country on a business trip and the next day my wife got the cable with an apologizing discount.
Dear Dexter! Thank you for the review. We are sorry for the mistake and hope you will use our service in the future. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Wallace Hodge  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD250-4G-PRO

Works for a warehouse

Installed a booster in the warehouse that belongs to the company that I work for. The warehouse isn’t too huge and has just a few workers there, but they need good internet connection all the time to operate their software. As you can imagine, working with stored goods, calculating them properly, and managing the orders is crucial. This booster handles the stable signal perfectly, with no interruptions, and it’s really great.
Dear Wallace, it’s always good to know that our booster works so well and the users don’t face any issues. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Mark Fletcher  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD-GDW-Boats

Improves slow Internet

The booster betters voice connection at sea and it improves slow 4G and 3G significantly. I can watch movies and make video calls when I’m offshore. The internet connection is so speedy now that it’s even possible to play videogames online.
Dear Mark, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the purchase. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Kai Berry  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  14-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-GSM+4G

Some time for settings

When I installed the booster at home (by the way, this is a very easy process), the device had to be restarted several times to reach 4 bars instead of 3. Luckily, I did it only once and since then it wasn't necessary despite being out of signal several times Moreover, it has useful shut-off function and I don't have to worry about overloading.
Hey Kai, thank you for the feedback. Your point of view is very important to us. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Kate Parker  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-12-2019  ·  NS200-GSM+4G

Not as good as I expected

I really expected it to work better. It does amplify the signal, but the result isn’t as great as I wanted it to be. I tried relocating the antenna, and it didn’t help. Maybe my operator’s signal just can’t be caught where I live.
Hi, Kate! We’re sorry that it didn’t work out so well for you. Please contact our tech support so we can figure out what exactly is wrong in your case. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Adriana Gillespie  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-12-2019  ·  LCD-3503G

I love the way it works

This little thing has turned my almost nonexistent signal inside the house into something pretty decent. I really love the way it works, and it saves me a lot of time and helps me work from home. I’ve had terrible problems before, but now I can take my laptop to any room, and the signal would be absolutely perfect. The second floor might get a little bit of a better signal, but it’s still very much useable on the first floor as well.
Hello Adriana! It’s good to know that our company could help you solve your signal problems so efficiently.

 ·  David Timmons  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-12-2019  ·  NS-300GD

Good quality

I appreciate the quality of each component in the kit. The booster was made from durable plastic, the screws and nuts were reliably tightened. I couldn't find any defects anywhere. Moreover, it was quite easy to connect cables with antennas and a booster box after which a device worked immediately automatically setting all the necessary options without manual intervention. I am going to buy the same one for my cabin located outside the city in the rural area among the trees.
Hi David, thank you for the review. We are glad you are satisfied with your amplifier. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Bob Moore  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-12-2019  ·  NS350-GSM+4G

Good service

I’m so thankful to the support team for their patience and caring attitude. They were so polite. After I placed the order they immediately got in touch with me in order to clarify the details. The product was sent without delay. Good job!
Dear Bob, thank you for the feedback. Your opinion means much to us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Helped to get signal  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-12-2019  ·  NS-2500GD

Wayne Huang

Parents usually got bored at our entertainment center while waiting for their kids, so we decided to mount a signal amplifier. Now parents can use their smartphones inside the building, and it’s really appreciated.
Hi Wayne, it’s good to know that your visitors’ parents are now satisfied with the place, as well as the kids! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Imogene Gill  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  NS-GD-Boats-L

Good product

This repeater improves signal significantly. It’s a real salvation when I’m offshore. With its help I keep in touch with my colleagues and my family when I’m at sea.
Dear Imogene, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Kain Herbert  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  NS-2500GDW

Solved the reception problem

We opened a conference hall inside a really old building, but the internet and cell phone reception turned out to be quite poor inside of it because of the thick walls. This booster is a great solution for that case. It catches the signal outside really well and distributes it inside the conference hall. All of the guests are satisfied with the signal quality. This booster works with many devices at once, which is great for public places like that.
Hi, Kain! Thank you for the positive feedback. We’re glad that our booster helped you solve the problems! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Maximilian Howe  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G

Bought it for my family house

My family house is quite big, and we often struggled to get good signal without disruption all over the place. We argued a lot about that, but eventually decided to get a booster. Absolutely not disappointed.
Hi Maximilian, it’s good to know that your family found its peace and good signal with the help of our signal booster! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Leo Martin  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-4G-PRO

Couldn't find a cable

In short, the packing process is so thorough that I had to unpack the components one by one for 30 minutes and, firstly, couldn't find a cable to an indoor antenna. On the other hand, they protect all the things from scratching or damaging, I can understand, but it's easy to install it.
Dear Leo, thank you for the review and for the choice of purchasing our booster. Take care, Support team.

 ·  Liam Terziu  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GD

Simple booster

There isn’t anything extraordinary or supernatural about this device. This is just a simple booster for improving poor mobile coverage around medium sized areas up to 500 m2. The booster supports two frequencies – 900 Mhz and 1800 MHz, so I use it for both improving GSM and mobile internet. Consists of a booster box, an indoor whip antenna, an indoor ceiling antenna, and an outdoor antenna. All the cables were in the set as well.
Dear Liam, thank you for the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Scott Bush  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Too Expensive

I bought it just to discover that I needed to buy lightning protector separately, longer cables additionally… in my opinion, the price for the standard kit is too high.
Dear Scott, thank you for the feedback. We offer the lowest price for the model. Find a better one and we will match it. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Noah Stripe  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-12-2019  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Short cables

In general the booster isn’t bad. It’s modern and effective. It supports five frequencies at a time and improves all types of signal. The full kit included everything needed for the installation, the user’s manual came as well. The only problem was that the cables in the standard set were too short for our office. The inside pannel antenna had a 5m cable, and the outside one had a 10m cable. I had to change both of them.
Dear Noah, thank you for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Chris Baldwin  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS-150

Amazing solution

I bought an amplifier especially for my new apartment with terrible reception. Fortunately, the signal was boosted up to 4 bands and I don’t have to catch a place to call. The same thing happened with mobile Internet-the speed noticeably better!
Hi Chris, thank you for using our product. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Ahmad  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

No lightning protection

The standard kit included everything except the lightning protection, and I needed it very much! So I ordered it additionally. The set I received contained the booster box and two antennas. The inside panel antenna came with a 5 m cable and the outside one had a 10 m cable. I guess the cable for the indoor antenna may be short for certain premises, so it’s better to order additional cable if possible.
Dear Ahmad, thank you for the review. Your opinion means much to us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Timothy Watson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS-5000GW

For huge areas

The main advantage of this model is that it’s suitable for huge areas. Personally I bought it for the entertainment center, which belongs to our family. The level of mobile signal there was awful because of thick concrete walls. So what can I say? This is a really powerful amplifier. It successfully improved GSM and 3G signals all over the area of the center, which is, by the way, practically 3 000 m2.
Dear Timothy, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that the product works well. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Cooper Jenkin  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS-2500GW

Great for an office

We purchased the amplifier for our three-storey office hoping to enhance a 3g signal and phone conversations because we'd recently started to suffer from a misunderstanding from customers. We began to struggle with such difficulties after the construction of a building nearby. Therefore, we decided to order the booster the coverage of which is almost consistent with our area. Plus, we simply installed several components and selected places for antennas and a booster box. Moreover, it wasn't necessary to set the options because it has an automatic function of gaining a perfect signal.
Hi Cooper, thank you for the review. We are glad you could find a suitable model. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Bruce Longman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS-GW-Drive

Good for long distances

My wife presented me with the amplifier and it handles even the most remote areas from big cities. I got rid of a weak signal in the car and now I can listen to music online. It's very convenient.
Dear Bruce, thank you for your purchase and feedback. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Ryan Collins  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-12-2019  ·  NS-1100GDW

Can be used for 3G amplification

This booster can be used not only for improving poor GSM signal, but also for ensuring stable 3G. I installed it in the entertainment center where there are always a lot of people, and you know, they all use different providers. As the working frequencies are 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz this booster is compatible with any provider. And it’s great that it can improve 3G at additional 2100 MHz frequency.
Dear Ryan, we are grateful to you for leaving a review. Keep on enjoying it! Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Luciano Cardenas  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  LCD800-GSM+4G

No spare parts needed

I was quite used to the idea that you often have to buy or own extra wires when you purchase a device and want it installed conveniently. But everything was included in the box, and I was pleasantly surprised!
Hi Luciano, our company really includes all of the detains that you need, no exceptions here. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  James Morris  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  NS-300-Smart

Full bars

The device is effective. I enjoy full coverage in the office where I hardly ever had two bars. The closer to the indoor antenna I am, the better the reception is.
Dear James, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to see you at our store next time. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Vanessa Magana  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

A great purchase

I required a booster for my office, and I decided to buy one from this site, because the prices seemed very attractive. I was never disappointed in the one that I got! It does what it needs to do and needs no maintenance.
Hello Vanessa, it’s good that our product didn’t disappoint you, and we enjoy that you like it so much! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Courtney Scott  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  NS-550GDW

Good service

I’d like to thank the manager of the support team. He was very polite and helped choose the most suitable model for my office. He explained everything in detail and patiently answered all my questions.
Dear Courtney, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Jessica Windy  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  NS-5000GDW

Maximum coverage

I had a poor signal in the shopping center because of the so-called “man-made obstructions”. The thick concrete walls with metal blocked the signal. The visitors couldn’t make and receive calls, although they were relatively not far from the nearest base station. I thought that nothing could help as the territory wasn’t just large, it was giant – about 3 000 m2. But this booster resolved all my problems. Now my visitors enjoy clear phone calls and fast data transmission. Thank you very much for help!
Dear Jessica, we are grateful to you for the review. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Mandy Foy  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  NS-GSM-Drive

Great for traveling

A couple of months ago my husband and I planned a driving trip around the country to use the route our friends had already laid. They warned us that sometimes GSM was unstable and they couldn’t contact relatives for several days. As far as I knew my parents, they totally would worry about us. And I decided to avoid this situation. I found a great NS-GSM-Drive on the official website which excellent fitted to our trailer for trips. A manual that was included in a full fit described in the details the process of installation. Even I was able to do it without my husband. So, we were traveling throughout the country with a strong signal! Moreover, we could make video calls without obstacles. Many thanks to the developers of this model: it definitely made our journey much brighter! I will recommend it to our relatives.
Dear Mandy! Thank you so much for the review. We are happy to make our customers’ lives much easier. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  Edith Adams  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-12-2019  ·  NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

Corresponds to the description

The device works without any complaints. All the characteristics are as described by the supplier. The mobile internet is much more stable now. I can even watch videos on Youtube.
Dear Edith, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the product. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Claudia C.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  09-12-2019  ·  LCD-800GD

Best for an office

My colleagues and I bought the amplifier to get rid of the poor phone signal in our underground office. It wasn’t too expensive for 65 people and proved every single cent. I recommended it for my friend working in similar conditions.
Dear Claudia, thank you for the feedback. We are glad your team handled signal issues. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  Joe Lee  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  09-12-2019  ·  LCD-1503G

Went from 0 bars to 3 bars

The system works as advertised. This is absolutely "plug and play" unit. I received this very quickly. The biggest issue is to be sure you get a device that operates on the frequency of your provider.
Hi Joe, Thank you for the review, we greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, Support team.

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