·  Sofi Campbell (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  02-09-2020  ·  NS350-GSM+4G

Looks old-fashioned

In general, it’s not bad. The signal now is stable enough to make calls and to even to watch video. The only thing is that it looks so old-fashioned. Fortunately, I managed to hide it.
Appreciated Sofi, we are grateful for sharing your opinion. Wishing you all the best, support team.

 ·  Mark G. (Poland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  02-09-2020  ·  NS-GDW-Drive

Reliable car booster

I decided to buy this booster to replace my previous one. I used NS-GSM-Drive, and it improved only voice connection, while this tri-band model amplifies both voice connection and mobile internet. Although, in general, the working principle is the same.
Hello Mark, thanks for sharing your opinion. we would be glad to see you again. With best wishes, sales department.

 ·  Vincent L. (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  02-09-2020  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Full set

The booster set included everything necessary for the installation. The mountings are very comfortable. The length of the cables included in the set was enough for my place.
Appreciated Vincent, thank you for leaving the review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Kindest regards, the team of Mobile-signal-booters.co.uk.

 ·  Augustino L. (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  31-08-2020  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Powerful thing

This is a real all-in-one system, as it supports 5 (!) frequencies. The antenna is omnidirectional, so it’s a great plus. The coverage capacity is impressive. We’ve already tested the booster at our yacht. Have no complaints!
Hello Augustino, we are glad to know that you are pleased with the result. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Bella Champman (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  31-08-2020  ·  MA-2500WF


This is just what I needed. My problem was that the wi-fi signal in my amusement center was awful. People always complained about poor quality of connection. My only hope was this booster and it worked! The internet connection has become much more stable. People can enjoy a reliable signal around the whole territory, which isn’t small, by the way, - about 25000 ft2.
Hello Bella, thank you for the feedback. we are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Regards, support team.

 ·  Penelope (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  30-08-2020  ·  LCD-GD-Boats

My husband likes it

I gave this booster as a present to my husband. We own a yacht and this amplifier is just what we needed. As I’m not a profi, I decided to ask for a detailed consultation from the specialists of the company. The manager helped choose the most suitable model. My husband likes this booster, he says that it’s a very useful thing.
Hi Penelope, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that your husband liked the booster. With best wishes, sales team.

 ·  Kate Ball (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  30-08-2020  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Nice Service

I would like to thank the company for nice service. I was choosing a booster for my office and the managers were very polite, patient and caring. They explained everything in detail and provided a very good consultation on the installation and the operation of the booster. Thank you very much!
Dear Kate, thank you very much for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Brian White (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  30-08-2020  ·  NS-300-Smart

Improves Everything

Believe it or not, but this booster really improves everything - GSM at 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G at 2100 MHz , 4G at 800 and 2600 MHz . As it supports five bands, it is compatible with any mobile operator. The only issue is that the outdoor antenna cable which went in the standard kit, was a bit short, so I ordered some extra.
Dear Brian, thank you for sharing your opinion. We appreciate it very much. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Jack Simpson (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  28-08-2020  ·  LCD-150D

Supports Only One Frequency

This booster is suitable only for the amplification of a GSM signal at 1800 MHz, and for some operators it can also boost 4G at the same frequency. Got a bit disappointed…
Hello Jack, we have a wide range of models suitable for separate and simultaneous amplification of GSM, 3G, and 4G/LTE signal. Feel free to contact us and we will help you choose the right model. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Alan Smith (Australia)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-08-2020  ·  LCD-300

Doesn’t Improve Mobile Internet

My problem was that I used to have an awful mobile coverage in the countryside house. Actually, I’m not a profi in the question of signal amplification, but my neighbour advised me to install a signal booster. I first ordered LCD-300, but I didn’t notice that this model improved only GSM signal, and I needed to enhance both calls and 4G. So I had to change the model. Fortunately, the managers were very polite and patient to me. Thank you very much!
Dear Alan, we are grateful for your feedback. Feel free to contact us whenever you need. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Ryan M. (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-08-2020  ·  LCD-1200GD

Too Pricy

The booster is really working well, but I think that its too pricy. I would never have bought it, if it hadn’t been for a discount.
Appreciated Ryan, we are grateful for your opinion. Our company tries to find the best ratio between the price and the quality. Respectfully, sales team.

 ·  Luck B. (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-08-2020  ·  NS-600GD

Polite staff

I liked the service at the company very much. The managers are so polite and attentive. They provided detailed consultation for me, helped choose the booster. Great job!
Hello Luck, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to see you again. Regards, sales department.

 ·  Edward C. (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-08-2020  ·  NS-5000GW

Too Expensive

Don’t even try to convince me that the price is reasonable! Yeh, the coverage area is huge, and the booster improves both voice connection and mobile internet, but I still think that it’s too pricey!
Hi Edward, thank you for sharing your opinion. It’s very important for us. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Angela Muller (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-08-2020  ·  LCD-500GD

Not Bad

I’d like to share my opinion about Nikrans LCD-500GD signal amplifier. Its not bad in general, although there are some drawbacks. As for the level of signal - it has become much better with the amplifier, I can make and receive calls without any problems. But one thing is still missing - I mean the support of 2100 MHz frequency. The device works at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies, which are more often used by the operators to transmit gsm signal. So if you need to improve mobile internet its better to choose another model.
Dear Angela, thank you for the feedback. Please, feel free to contact us in case you need help. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Bernard D. (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  26-08-2020  ·  NS-5000GDW

Good but expensive

In general, I’m pleased with the device, although I still think that its too expensive. It works with all French operators, improves both mobile internet and GSM. Covers the whole territory of the entertainment center which is about 3000m2. Yet, I wish it was a bit cheaper!
Good day Bernard, thank you for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Sofi L. (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  26-08-2020  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Be Attentive with versions

Initially, I’ve chosen the wrong version of the booster. I mean there are two of them - the one which supports 900+800+2600 MHz bands and the other supports 900+800+1800 MHz bands. Ive chosen the first one, but my operator works at 1800 MHz frequency. Therefore, I had to contact the manager and change the booster.
Greetings Sofi, thanks for leaving feedback. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need help. Regards, the team of Mobile-signal-booster.co.uk

 ·  Jacque (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  25-08-2020  ·  NS-600-Smart

Suitable for All Providers

In my opinion, the main plus of the model is that it is compatible with all mobile providers. It improves the quality of phone calls, 3G signal and LTE connection without any problem simultaneously. Weve installed it in our conference hall, and the quality of mobile connection changed immediately. There are no more interruptions, the mobile internet is smooth and speedy. As for the device itself, its very compact and practically unnoticeable.
Hi, Jacque, its great that you are satisfied with the product. Enjoy using it! Regards, the team of Mobile-signal-booster.co.uk

 ·  Manuel J. (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  25-08-2020  ·  LCD1200-4G-PRO

Un dispositivo profesional

Este amplificador me ayudó a acabar con los problemas de señal 4G en mi hotel. El hotel es grande, de unos 1100 m2. El amplificador logra cubrir todo el edificio con una conexión estable a Internet móvil. Funciona con todas las compañías proveedoras móviles del país. Los huéspedes, alojados en mi hotel, están contentos, porque tienen mejorada la conexión a Internet 4G LTE. Recomiendo este dispositivo a todos los que tienen un negocio orientado a los clientes y no quieren perderlos.
Estimado Manuel, le agradecemos su reseña. Su opinión es muy importante para nosotros. Un saludo afectuoso, el equipo de asistencia al cliente.

 ·  Eugene Bailey (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  25-08-2020  ·  LCD-1000GDW


I couldn’t make out how it should be installed at first, so I had to call the support team. The managers were polite and they explained everything in detail. Actually, the difficulty was caused by the fact, that the model included too many antennas - 2 indoor ceiling antennas, a whip antenna, and an outdoor antenna. So I simply got confused. My previous booster had only two antennas - an indoor one and an outdoor one, although I have to admit that its coverage was less.
Dear Eugene, thank you for the feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you need more help. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Dina V. (Estonia)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  24-08-2020  ·  NS200-GSM+4G

Too Expensive

This is my first booster. I decided to buy it because the quality of mobile coverage at my home was unbearable. The booster improved the signal well, but I think that it’s too expensive. I wish it were a bit cheaper!
Hello Dina, thank you for leaving a review. We appreciate your opinion very much. Regards, support team.

 ·  William S. (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  24-08-2020  ·  LCD-1503G

Modern Booster

I’ve been using this booster for a few months. I haven’t noticed any disadvantages yet. It works smoothly, without any interruptions. The model has a modern design, looks nice. The level of 3G signal has increased significantly.
Appreciated William, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you again, sales department.

 ·  Lara O’Brien (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  24-08-2020  ·  LCD500-4G-PRO

Improves Signal Professionally

Great booster! It improves 4G signal really professionally. I can enjoy mobile Internet of excellent quality.
Hi Lara, thanks for sharing your opinion. Hope to see you next time, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Aden Murphy (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-08-2020  ·  LCD-130

Ideal for Small Places

This booster is enough to cover small areas, about 130 m2. It doesnt improve mobile internet, only voice connection, but as I have wifi in my countryside house, I dont need to enhance mobile internet connection. It does an excellent job!
Dear Aden, its great that you are pleased with the result. Please, feel free to contact us in case you need. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Angela (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-08-2020  ·  LCD250-4G-D

Doesn’t improve 3G

I bought this booster to improve 3G connection at home, but as it turned out later, this model isn’t suitable for 3G signal amplification. This repeater improves GSM and 4G internet. I got in touch with the company, and they agreed to change the booster. They advised me the model, which boosts only 3G, as actually, my voice connection was ok. So, be attentive when choosing the model. If you’re not sure about the frequencies, its better to consult the manager.
Dear Angela, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to help you whenever you need. Kindest regards, sales department.

 ·  Silvia Cole (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-08-2020  ·  NS-2500GW

It works!

I spent a lot of time trying to find the best match for my hotel, and finally I succeeded. This booster is just what I wanted - compact, effective, safe and reliable. The installation was a bit time-consuming, but believe me, it’s worth it!
Dear Silvia, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. With best wishes, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Billy Walsh (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-08-2020  ·  LCD-500GDW

Very Powerful

What I like about this model is that its very powerful. The level of mobile signal is perfect in every corner of the house. Recommended!
Dear Billy, thank you for leaving a review. We hope to see you in our store again. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Jane (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-08-2020  ·  NS-5000GD

Has no LCD screen

The model is powerful enough to provide a strong mobile signal around a large building. We’ve installed it in the parking lot, and the coverage there has increased from 2 bars to 5. The only issue is that is has no LCD screen, which makes the installation process a bit more time-consuming.
Hello Jane, we are glad to know that the quality of your mobile signal in the parking lot has increased. Sincerely yours, the team of Mobile-signal-booster.co.uk

 ·  Vanda (Poland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-08-2020  ·  NS-GSM-Drive

Best present for a traveller

I bought this car booster as a birthday present for my best friend. I can tell you without any doubts that this is the best present for a traveller, as it amplifies the signal when you are on the way. It’s compatible with a wide range of operators, and for some it can even improve 3G. Not to say about the compact size and design.
Hi Vanda, thank you for the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Regards, support team.

 ·  Pete King (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-08-2020  ·  LCD-300GW

It’s a Bargain!

I bought this booster on sale and managed to save almost £70! It works well, amplifies both GSM and 3G. The device is compact and it’s installation is understandable enough thanks to the LCD screen. The only issue is that the standard kit doesn’t include the lightning protection.
Hi Pete, thank you for the review. You can order lightning protection at our website additionally. The team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Jacque Leroy (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-08-2020  ·  NS-GW-Drive

Irreplaceable Thing

I tested this device a week ago and I can say that it’s a very useful and even irreplaceable thing for those who often face a weak mobile signal when they are travelling to work. The full kit included everything as described at the website. the installation was very simple and the result is excellent!
Appreciated Jacque, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that you like the result, support team.

 ·  Bread Murphy (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-08-2020  ·  LCD-300GDW

I Like It!

I like this model. Its convenient to use and easy to install. It has an LCD screen which simplifies the installation and provides necessary tips. The sleep mode is also very useful. The only thing I would like to change is the colour of the booster box, as it doesnt match my interior. But it's little things for me.
Dear Bread, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that you liked the model. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Sofi Schneider (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-08-2020  ·  NS-550GDW

No LCD screen

In general this model isn’t bad. It’s compact and effective at the same time. BUt it’[s a pity that it has no LCD screen. The installation would have been much simpler with it.
Hi Sofi, thank you for leaving feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Oliver Fieldman (Australia)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-08-2020  ·  LCD-300GD

Good for Medium-sized Premises

It was a very lucrative offer, as Ive bought it with great discount. Its suitable for medium-sized premises. I use it to improve GSM and 4G, but it can be used for 3G amplification as well. Both calls and mobile internet are of satisfactory quality now.
Dear Oliver, we are happy to know that your signal has changed for the better. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Dan Cook (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-08-2020  ·  NS-150GD

Basic model

It seems to me that it’s better to choose another model with a larger coverage capacity. This one is suitable only for small houses, not larger than 150 m2, and, in fact, it improves only GSM.
Hello Dan, we have a wide range of other models, which improve different types of signal around buildings of various areas. Feel free to contact us, if you need help in choosing. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Ekrem (Turkey)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-08-2020  ·  NS-GSM+4G-PRO-Boat

Powerful Marine Booster

I am really impressed with the work of this device. The mobile signal is stable even if I go far from the coastline. It’s really very important for me to stay connected when I’m offshore. And now I’m always calm, I’m not afraid to lose the signal any more.
Dear Ekrem, thank you for leaving feedback. We are happy to have been helpful to you. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Francesca (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-08-2020  ·  LCD400-GSM+4G

Not ideal

I’ve been using this model for a month already, so I can share my experience. First of all, Id like to admit that its very compact and lightweight, so its easy to use and doesn't occupy much space. On the other hand, I cant call it an ideal device as it improves GSM signal at 900 MHz better than mobile internet at 2600 MHz.
Hello Francesca, we are glad to receive your review. Your opinion means much to us. Kindest regards, sales team.

 ·  Allen Moor (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  18-08-2020  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G

Improves Signal Well

This is my second booster for home. The first model was also purchased here, but it improved only GSM signal, and I’ve decided to change it for a more advanced model. As my house isn’t very large, this model is enough with its coverage of 250 m2. The amplifier improves signal well. There are no problems with it.
Dear Allen, thank you for the review. Hope to see you at our store again. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Adam Butler (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  15-08-2020  ·  LCD600-GSM+4G

More Than I Expected

I used to have poor signal at home, and actually I just decided to try this booster to improve the coverage and I didn’t even expect that the result would be so amazing! I used to have one, maximum two bars and no mobile internet at all. And now I always have two bars and speedy Internet. I’m very thankful for the result!
Dear Adam, we are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Kate Ward (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-08-2020  ·  NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

Intensifies signal significantly

We used to have a very poor signal at our kindergarten. Parents and the staff constantly complained about it. So one day I decided to put an end to this unpleasant situation and I ordered this booster. I’d like to mention that I didn’t install it myself, but in any case, the installation didn’t take too long. Еhe situation has changed dramatically. Everyone has noticed that the level of signal has increased significantly. We have a stable connection around the whole kindergarten, even on the underground floor/ Although mobile internet is weaker there, voice connection is strong enough.
Appreciated Kate, thanks for the review. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Kindest regards, sales department.

 ·  Oliver Brown (Australia)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-08-2020  ·  NS-GDW-L-Boats

Cool marine booster

This booster is worth its money, 100%! NO more signal interruptions when at sea. NO more drops, poor audibility and slow internet. Only stable connection and strong signal!
Hi, Oliver, thank you for the review. Keep on enjoying it! With best regards, sales department.

 ·  Penelope (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  13-08-2020  ·  LCD-GD-Boats

A mi marido le gusta

Regalé ese repetidor a mi esposo. Tenemos un yate y ese amplificador es justo lo que necesitábamos. Como no entiendo de estas cosas, decidí solicitar una consulta detallada a los especialistas de la empresa. El gerente me ayudó a elegir el modelo más conveniente. A mi esposo le gusta este amplificador, dice que es un objeto muy útil.
¡Hola, Penelope! Gracias por su comentario. Nos alegra saber que a su esposo le ha gustado el amplificador. Atentamente, el equipo de ventas.

 ·  Jane Anderson (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-08-2020  ·  LCD-1000GDW

Nice Product

I like its huge indoor coverage - 1000m2, and compatibility with various providers. The standard set includes 2 indoor ceiling antennas, each with a cable, and thanks to this the device spreads the improved signal better around the premises. We use the booster in our cafe, and we are very pleased with the result, as well as our visitors. We haven’t faced any signal issues since we have installed the booster.
Dear Jane, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that you are pleased with the result. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Amanda (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  12-08-2020  ·  NS-150GW

Lovely device

This booster is much better than NS-150GD, which I had ordered by mistake. This one supports amplification of both types of signal, I mean that it’s perfect for improving voice connection and 3G at a time. I have full bars around the house, even in the hall, where I used to have no connection at all. It’s great that the team agreed to change it! Thank you very much!
Dear Amanda, we are glad to receive your review. Feel free to contact us whenever you need help. With best regards, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk.

 ·  Jone Williams (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-08-2020  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Improves Signal

I bought this booster for my parents, who live in the country. They used to complain about poor mobile signal in the village, so I decided to help them. The installation was simple, so we managed to install the device ourselves. The standard set included all the necessary mounts and cables. My parents are satisfied with the result, they have strong signal now. By the way, weve chosen the version, which works at 900+800+2600 MHz, but another one, supporting 900+800+1800 MHz was also available.
Dear Jone, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that now your parents can enjoy stable signal. Wishing all the best to you and your family, support team.

 ·  Valery B. (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  11-08-2020  ·  NS-600-Smart

Good Penta-Band Booster

This is just what Ive been looking for. Effective and powerful, simple and compact at the same time. I would only perhaps change the standard length of the cable for the outside panel antenna, because its a bit too short.
Hello Valery, thanks for the feedback. we have an opportunity to customize your order at the website. With best wishes, sales team.

 ·  William Globe (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  10-08-2020  ·  LCD-130

No Problems

I’ve installed it in my garage, because the quality of mobile signal there left much to be desired. Ive chosen this model, as its cheap, and its just what I was looking for. It improves 2G, and I use it for ensuring stable connection during calls. So far, I havent noticed any troubles with the signal.
Dear William, we would be glad to see you at our store again. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Kelly O'Sullivan (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  09-08-2020  ·  NS-300-Smart

Powerful Device

One of the most powerful penta band boosters Ive ever met! When you look at its size you could never imagine that it is able to improve signal at five different frequencies simultaneously. I enjoy uninterrupted signal at home and the whole family is happy. Thank you very much!
Dear Kelly, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are happy about your purchase. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Zach Schmidt (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  08-08-2020  ·  NS-2000-Smart

It’s Really Smart

This is much more than I’ve expected. Advantages: huge indoor coverage, five working frequencies, compact size and nice design, full set, and even a free lightning surge protector, which I’ve received on promotion. As for the disadvantages, so far I’ve noticed only one - short cable for the outside panel antenna. 10 m wasn’t enough for my place, so I ordered additionally.
Dear Zack, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  Sofi Armstrong (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  08-08-2020  ·  LCD-500GD

I’m Impressed

I’m really impressed with this cell phone booster! I bought it to improve poor mobile coverage inside my cafe, which is located underground. The quality of signal is perfect now! My visitors are always satisfied, and this is the most important thing for me. The booster is suitable for both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies, so its compatible for various operators at a time. As a result users of different providers can benefit from the improved signal simultaneously.
Dear Sofi, thank you for the feedback. We are happy to know that your visitors are pleased with the signal quality. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Lily Bradley (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  07-08-2020  ·  NS-5000GD

Doesn’t support 2100 MHz band

I was hesitating between this model and NS-5000GDW. But as the letter was a bit more expensive, I decided to buy NS-5000GD. The difference was in the fact that NS-5000GD doesn’t support 2100 MHz frequency for the transmission of 3G signal. Actually, now I regret about it. Id better have chosen NS-5000GDW, as I’ve installed the booster at the hotel which I own, and there are a lot of visitors, who want to have their 3G improved at 2100 MHz.
Dear Lily, thanks for leaving feedback. Please, feel free to contact us in case you need our help. With best wishes, sales department.

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