·  Tobias Blaese  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  03-01-2020  ·  LCD-400D

As easy as possible

Imagine me – a person who knows nothing about electronic devices – being able to install the signal booster by myself. It was so unbelievably easy! Thank you, guys, for the clear instructions!
Hello Tobias! You’re very welcome. Please feel free to contact us in case of any other possible questions! Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Rafael O’Meara  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  03-01-2020  ·  LCD250-4G-D

To my happy surprise it does work

Installed this last month. I live in a pretty rural area and I had 1-2 bars of LTE service outside of my house, and No Service inside my house before this unit. Once the device was hooked up and powered on, I immediately went from No Service in to 5 bars of LTE coverage. The booster doubled the data speed I was able to download inside!The directions are pretty good and everything is pretty self-explanatory on the installation. The only tricky part of the setup was running the coax cable from the outdoor antenna into the house to the signal amplifier. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.
Dear Rafael, Good to know that we could help you. Thanks and regards, Support team.

 ·  Sarah Browns  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  03-01-2020  ·  LCD-1200GW

Good functions and poor design

What I do like about the device is its functions and effectiveness, and what I was disappointed about is the design of the booster. It’s too unattractive and poor. As for the options, the device has a sleep mode which turns on when there are non-active periods of mobile devices. Despite its poor design, the repeater is 100% safe. It doesn’t emit radiation and even lessens the level of radiation emitted by your phone, according to the supplier.
Dear Sarah, thank you for the review. Your opinion means much to us. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Annabel Court  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  03-01-2020  ·  NS-150GW

Really works

The device helped me to get rid of poor coverage at home. Before the installation I always suffered from disconnections, drops, slow internet connection… With the booster the reception became really better. During the conversation I can hear every word clearly, as if the person is just near me. I can make and receive calls without any limitations. The Internet speed is enough to watch movies, use skype and other mobile applications. As for the shipping, it was rather fast, the order came to my place safe and sound, without any damage. Everything was ok. In my opinion, it’s worth buying. Moreover, the price here is the lowest at the market.
Dear Annabel, thank you very much for leaving a review. Enjoy it! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Stanley Harris  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  02-01-2020  ·  NS-3G-Drive

Safe for health

I use the amplifier every day spending almost 10 hours in a van. I didn't identify any health issues like headaches or insomnia in the evening. Recommend for all who want to boost Internet signal.
Dear Stanley, thank you for the review. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Nella Mendez  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  01-01-2020  ·  LCD-500GDW

Saved our office

Our entire office was suffering because of the signal loss after the construction work began outside our building. With the help of this booster we can work without any issues again, having perfect GSM, 3G and 4G.
Hi Nella, it’s really good to hear news like that! Glad we could assist. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Louis  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  01-01-2020  ·  LCD250-4G-PRO

Lack of manual

When I was delivered my model, I didn't find a manual inside a box. Perhaps, someone forgot to put it in. Luckily, someday I had an amplifier and could easily install and connect the components. By the way, it works amazing.
Dear Louis, thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the absence of a manual. We hope it will not influence our future cooperation. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Deborah Wain  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  29-12-2019  ·  LCD-150D


The shipping took a bit too long, but it didn’t spoil the overall impression of the device. It works well, improves poor mobile coverage, and even strengthens 4G, which was a surprise for me.
Dear Deborah, thank you for the feedback. Keep on enjoying it! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Bob Jefferson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  28-12-2019  ·  NS-GD-Drive

Good service

I’d like to thank the support team for the great service they’ve rendered to me. The device works perfectly. I’m going to order a lightning protection additionally, although that would have been better if they had included it in the standard set.
Dear Bob, thank you for leaving a review. We would be glad to see you at our store next time. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Jerry Mone  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  28-12-2019  ·  NS-GSM-Drive

How I installed NS-GSM-Drive

A week ago I bought this model online. I should say that there was a very easy process. I just took the card and entered the payment details. Excellent! The booster with a full kit (they didn’t forget to pack up everything), so I could install it by myself. The only disadvantage I want to highlight is difficult to find a plug to a proper wire. But when I called customer support, they immediately helped. Generally, I spend a few hours on the installation – a bit longer than I expected.
Dear Jerry! Thank you for the honest review. It’s a pity that you had to spend additional time for the installation. At the same time, we are always happy to help you. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  Bob Young  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  28-12-2019  ·  NS-5000GW

Great result

I’m satisfied with the result! I installed the booster at the hotel to provide my visitors with better connection. As a result, 2-3- bars were added to our usual reception.
Dear Bob, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the result. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Matt P.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  28-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GW

A family booster

Actually, I’ve already purchased two LCD-500GWs – one is for our house, another is for my parents’ place as a present. And this is the wisest buying for the last year. First of all, the set of components is the simplest for installation. Secondly, the company’s services are comfortable – the specialists are polite, responsive and don’t get annoyed when a client asks them a million questions. So, keep the great work up!
Dear Matt, thank you for feedback. We will go to do the job to satisfy clients’ needs. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  Oran Zamora  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-12-2019  ·  NS-2500GDW


I installed it in a club that’s located in the underground premises. A good place for a club, but the signal was horrible. Not that people make too many calls inside due to the music, but it’s still necessary for visitors’ safety.
Hi, Oran! Thank you for purchasing from our store. It’s good to know that you’re enjoying our product. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Stacey Archibald  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-12-2019  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Complicated Installation

I had some problems with the installation. I couldn’t do it myself so I had to call my friend who had the same model and he helped me. Now the device works without troubles. The signal on deck and in the cabins has become much stronger.
Dear Stacey, thank you for the feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you need help. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Nicholas Sauer  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-12-2019  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Does its job as advertised

I’ve had problems with my internet signal and phone calls, and I need to be online almost all the time for work. After I bought this booster, it showed a really good performance. The number of bars can change from time to time, but the signal is stable, and everything works very well. I haven’t had a failed call or missed notification in a while. I would recommend this booster to anyone with similar problems.
Hi Nicholas, it’s good to know that our booster helped you that much. The quantity of bars might change due to the weather or other factors, but with our booster it won’t be noticed. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Tim Baker  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-12-2019  ·  LCD-1200GD

Useful advice

I didn’t know anything about amplifiers. So, I contacted the support team of www.mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk at least four times. They even recognized me when I called them the second time. I am deeply grateful for the assistance and patience of all operators. Of course, I could choose the model. Great job!
Dear Tim! Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your opinion and always ready to help. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Kevin Livingston  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  27-12-2019  ·  NS-2500GW

Payment delayed

I made an order and wanted to pay for it with a card. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it immediately because of bank troubles with payment processing. But I did it later and the payment was delayed for a couple of hours. I have no idea why, but then I luckily got my repeater, which improved the quality of conversations at home.
Hi Kevin, thank you for the feedback and for choosing our company. Indeed, problems with a bank sometimes happen but it's rare. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Amaan Huynh  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  26-12-2019  ·  LCD250-4G-PRO

I don’t regret buying it

I downloaded several signal test apps to test this booster out for signal strength and how well it amplifies the existing 4G signal, and the results were great. It was also a good way to find out in which direction I should point the outside antenna to get the best results out of it. Long story short, I don’t regret buying this device and I can recommend it to anyone who has poor 4G signal at their place.
Dear Amaan, we’re glad that your purchase from our store works so well for your situation and you’re satisfied with your signal now. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Lily Pitt  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  24-12-2019  ·  NS-GD-Drive

Safe to Use

I like this product very much. First of all, it’s effective. Now I never lose mobile connection when I’m on the move. Secondly, it’s compact and safe to use as it emits no radiation. I recommend it!
Dear Lily, thank you for the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Nora Mason  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  24-12-2019  ·  LCD-GDW-Boats

Small indoor coverage

The indoor coverage is only 500 m2, and it’s too small for my yacht. I think that’s better to take LCD-GD-Boats which covers twice larger territory. Perhaps, I’ll change it.
Dear Nora, thank you for the feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you decide to change the booster model. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Mia Gustman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  23-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-4G-D

Number 1 for a gift

I purchased this model for my brother because he once complained to me about the poor signal in his new apartment. Actually, I have the same model at my place and it noticeably increases the reception within the old building with thick walls. Frankly speaking, I had to wait for a week for this model because it's recently absent at the warehouse. But when they got it, the specialist immediately called me and delivered the booster after 3 days absolutely free!
Dear Mia, thank you for the review. We are glad to know you like our goods. Look at the other model on our website. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Trevor Gustman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  NS-300GD

A reasonable price

I recommended this booster for my friend because it's worth the money I paid for the purchase. This thing is quite affordable taking into account the functions, which are able to carry out. It positively influenced the quality of conversations and 3g connection at home and I don't have to catch them around my apartment anymore.
Hi Trevor, thank you for the feedback. We hope that our device will please you for a long time. Take care, Support team.

 ·  Korey Rice  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  LCD-3503G

Would recommend

The metal inside my house’s walls killed almost all of the possible signal waves before they could even get to my devices. However, the signal booster helped me with this issue, because it catches the better quality signal waves outside and distributes them inside so that they don’t have to pass through walls before they can be caught. This booster model is a good and reliable device that I would recommend to people who have similar problems and house walls.
Hello, Korey! Thank you for your positive review. It’s good to know that your signal is now so much better! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Grays King  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

For GSM and 4G

I use this booster for GSM and 4G improvement. Voice connection is perfect. As for the mobile internet it has become better as well, but still not perfect. It’s possible to make video calls and watch mobile TV, although some online games are still unavailable.
Dear Grays, thank you for the review. Please, feel free to contact us in case you need. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Lexi Johnson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  NS350-GSM+4G

Good present

I bought this amplifier for my parents. They live in the village, not far from the town, but the quality of mobile signal there leaves much to be desired. This booster can be used for both improving phone calls and 4G, although my parents mostly use it to better the voice connection. Nevertheless, I thought that it would be a good idea to buy a more universal booster model, which will be able to refine mobile internet as well. This is a good option!
Dear Lexi, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the result. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Nazim Aroush  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  NS200-GSM+4G

I couldn’t be happier

This booster is the best purchase I’ve made this year. Nothing is as useful as having stable strong signal, because it affects both work and leisure quality. I am very happy with my signal now, and I use my phone and internet a lot.
Hi Nazim, and thank you for your review! It’s good to know that you’re so satisfied with the booster that you purchased from our store. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Meghan Ljungstrom  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-12-2019  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Good service

I like the company and their service. It’s reliable and trustworthy. The managers on the phone are always ready to answer any questions, no matter how silly they may sound. Thank you very much!
Dear Meghan, we are very grateful to you for leaving a review. We would be glad to see you next time at our store. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Oscar Green  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-GSM+4G

The model is suitable for large areas

My friend recommended me this amplifier because as he said he tired of my complaints because of the horrible reception in my office which occupies the area of 840 m2. Well, he helped me to purchase the booster on the official website and then after delivery we installed the device quickly together. Honestly, it's like assembling the puzzles – everything is clear and there was a detailed manual. Today I don't need to find a special place for being in touch.
Hey Oscar! Thank you for the review. It's wonderful your life has been made easier. Take care, Support team.

 ·  Moshe Nava  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS-300-Smart

A good solution for business

Having poor signal at the place that you own can influence the review and the business itself quite poorly. So when I decided to open a coffee shop in a business center, I researched the signal repeaters and went with this one. It’s really good, and I have zero complaints. As well as my clients. They’re mostly the business center workers, and they need to always be available. They can use the internet inside the coffee shop and make their calls.
Hi, Moshe! We’re glad that you and your clients are so satisfied with the signal quality achieved with this booster! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Steve Duncan  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS-150

Free of charge delivery

It’s very comfortable when quick delivery stands together with a free service. A polite courier brought the package of a full set directly to my place within 4 business days. Great service!
Hi Steve, thank you for choosing our company. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  Kimberly Allford  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS-GW-Drive

Quick installation

Being a woman, I could simply install the amplifier for my car and can travel with my friends around the rural regions and stay in touch to keep safe the parents' health!
Dear Kimberly, thank you for purchasing our product. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  Clara Carey  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  LCD250-4G-D

Bought as a present

I think that this is the best ratio of price and quality. I bought it for my friend, as a present. He is happy with it. He told me that the mobile connection at his house is very good now, reliable and stable.
Dear Clara, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that your friend liked it. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Lewis Evans  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS-1100GDW

Good booster for home

The company sent me the booster immediately after the order was placed and the manager got in touch with me. The shipment took five days. I installed the device in the shopping mall I own. Mobile coverage there was very poor. It was difficult to make a call and there was no mobile internet at all. Now the situation is all different. GSM signal is stable and there even appeared 4G signal inside the building.
Dear Lewis, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that your problem has been solved. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Tobias Fulberg  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  LCD400-GSM+4G

This booster is good

I can’t remember the last time I had such a good signal. That was probably before I moved into my current apartment. However, I got tired of the signal issues and bought this booster, and now I know what it’s like to live without video buffering, lots of waiting until the page loads, and calls that sound like I’m in the woods. Now I can use not only the wifi at my university, but also the internet at home.
Dear Tobias, we’re glad that you don’t experience these signal troubles anymore. Thank you for the review! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  David Blare  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS-Smart-Boats


I bought it for my friend’s birthday. He has already installed it. Everything is okay. The product fully corresponds to the description.
Dear David, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to see you at our store next time. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Callum Luis  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GD

Highly recommended

I bought it in despair because nothing else helped me to get rid of poor mobile coverage in the parking lot. Fortunately, this booster really can do miracles. The reception now is much better, although not 100% perfect.
Dear Callum, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Bonnie Brian  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

As I wanted

This booster is just what I wanted. It effectively improved signal inside my café. Before the installation I had only one bar on the phone and now I all my visitors can enjoy four and sometimes even five bars.
Dear Bonnie, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the result. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Chandni Ramos  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-12-2019  ·  LCD250-GSM+4G

The best for our office

Since the company I work for moved to another office, no one was able to catch a good signal. After we purchased and installed the booster, everything works just fine, with no lost connection and dropped calls.
Hello Chandni! We’re glad to know that you find our booster so helpful. Sincerely, Support team.

 ·  Steve Mitchell  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  NS-550GDW

Good for garage

I bought this booster a week ago. I installed it in the garage, and you know what, it’s beyond my expectations. The result is just amazing. I can make and receive calls without any obstacles. I even can enjoy 4g connection which I could only dream about. The connection is stable and uninterrupted around the whole area. Don’t even hesitate whether to buy this booster or not! It’s absolutely worth its money.
Dear Steve, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the result. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Jacob Stevens  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  NS-150GD

Fast shipping

The parcel was sent the next day after the order. The shipping took five days. The staff at the company is very polite and nice. It was a pleasure for me to work with them. I will advise this company to all my friends who have the same problem as I had.
Dear Jacob, thank you for the review. We are glad to have been useful to you. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  James  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  LCD-300GDW

Ensures stable mobile communication

Improves GSM both at 900 and 1800 Mhz. Stabilizes 3G signal at 2100 Mhz. Can be used even for 4G amplification for some operators. There are two options for installation – two ceiling antennas or a ceiling antenna and a whip one. I preferred the latter one.
Dear James, thank you for the feedback. We would be glad to see you next time at our store. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Zamudin Vollrath  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  LCD-800

Worked better than I could have imagined

My parents recently built a new steel-siding house. Because the house has a steel shell, parents had to go out on the porch to make calls. I was pretty cautious about ensuring the cell signal was good outside my parents' house before I ordered the booster.I hooked up the booster, tried the antenna on the inside of the window and it helped a little, but then when I hung the antenna outside of the house at the optimal location, this gave a full 5 bars inside the house. Pay attention that the unit gets pretty hot, so be sure you can set it up some place that can take the heat.
Dear Zamudin, good to know that you are pleased with the booster! Thanks and regards, Support team.

 ·  Darren Harriman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  LCD-1503G

See the installation instructions

This device is definitely helpful. Just be ready to spend some time experimenting with the antenna location. The inside antenna is omnidirectional, so you don't need to set it up appropriately as well.
Dear Darren, thank you for a detailed review. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Scarlett Marlow  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  LCD1200-4G-PRO

A fascinating thing

My boyfriend bought this booster last month. Honestly, I didn't believe that this a simple model can handle the connection problem at our flat. I always had to find a place next to a window to speak on the phone. I'm so happy that this thing could take care of my nervous system.
Dear Scarlett, thank you for the feedback. It's a pleasure to know you successfully use our product. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  John Gibbs  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  NS-GDW-L-Boats

Great model

I have already installed it and I have noticed the effect of its work immediately. The connection has become much better. The product is made of high quality materials. The supplier has sent me the full kit which included all necessary mountings.
Dear John, thank you for the review. Enjoy it! Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Shiham  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  NS-600GD

Easy payments

Luckily I could pay for the order via VISA card because it significantly saved my time. Being busy at work, I couldn't attend a bank branch to make a payment. In addition, of course, it was a pleasure to get a delivery box directly to my place.
Hi Shiham, thank you for the feedback. We always try to make our services as delicate as possible. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Holly Dutton  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  NS-GD-Boats-L

I’m happy

With this device my clients never face any signal problems and poor reception when they are far from the shore and base stations of the operator. They like it!
Dear Holly, thank you for the review. We are glad to have been useful to you. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Jason B.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-12-2019  ·  LCD-500GW

Quick and free delivery

I had a chance to order my booster for the house last weekend and today my signal is strengthened more than twice. Of course, I expected it but I was totally amused by free and quick delivery after 2 days to my home. Wonderful!
Dear Jason, thank you for your feedback. We are very glad to know we could meet your expectations. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  Raheem Hartman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  LCD800-GSM+4G

Ideal for a restaurant

As a restaurant manager, I was concerned about our clients having poor signal inside, so I had to step in and change that with the help of a repeater. Despite its claimed coverage we ordered one more indoor antenna as the restaurant is in a old building with thick walls so we were not sure that the booster would cope with two floors and preferred to add an antenna however.
Hi Raheem! It’ great that your clients have high-quality signal now! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Mathew Adams  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  19-12-2019  ·  NS-600GW

Great service

This is not the first time I deal with this company and every time I get fully satisfied with their service. The support team is always polite and they are always ready to listen to your problem and to provide the best solution.
Dear Mathew, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Kindest regards, Support team.

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