Can a cell phone booster be homemade? Follow the instructions!

Though for some people an idea to create their own cell phone signal booster at home may seem really crazy, some other may be fond of doing different interesting devices on their own. And it is quite okay: we all are different. But if you feel that you belong to the second group and can’t wait to start work, then this article is definitely for you!

With the right approach, correctly chosen materials, sufficient time investments and careful fulfillment of all the steps of the following instruction, you have very good chances to get an excellent homemade cell phone signal booster. Nevertheless, we would like to warn you that you need to be really confident in your skills and the quality of chosen material before starting. Otherwise, such a DIY session may turn to be really dangerous and risky for you and your properties.

But if you are sure that you want to try, we would be happy to share the following instruction with you. So, let’s start.

To create your own homemade signal booster with a view to overcome your cell phone signal problems, you will need the following materials: iron wire (0.35 – 0.4 m long), connector blocks (2 items), small bolt and nut, coaxial cable (10 m long), a water pipe (one piece) and one plastic container.

First of all, we need to create an antenna. Flatten the wire and bend it in a square-like shape: use pliers to bend it in the center at 90 degrees, then at the distance of 9 cm on both sides from the center of your wire, bend it once again at 90 degrees. The both edges should be also bent inwards at 90 degrees. This time you should measure the distance of 8 cm from sides to make the bends.

On the ends of the wire that are bent inwards install the connector block.

Then take a pipe and cut its one side by half. In the center of another side make a hole. The hole needs to be big enough for a bolt to go through. Then put the bolt into this hole, install the antenna on top and use a nut to fix it.

You next task is to connect a coaxial cable. You should separate the inner and outer wires. The inner wire needs to be connected to one side of the small block, while the second wire should be connected to another side of the same block.

The next step is quite important and we ask you to be very careful: put your antenna that you have just made on your TV antenna and place the cable into the house.

Take the another end of the cable and divide the wires inside it just as you have already done. Cut away the external wire. Take a piece of plastic, make a small hole in it and put the inner wire of the cable in it. Now your device is practically ready! To boost your cell signal you just need to place your modem on this piece of plastic or to fasten this plastic to your mobile phone.

Emma McCarron
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