Guide to Nikrans Mobile Signal Boosters

In order to select the most appropriate signal booster for your smartphone, it is important to understand some technical terms like signal type, and network coverage, etc. This page is designed to help you in improving your technical knowledge. However, you can also Contact our technical experts to help you with any of your queries.

1. Working process

A mobile phone signal booster is developed for the purpose of boosting and improving mobile signals in areas with little to no network coverage. The equipment typically comprises of:

The external antenna catches incoming signal from the nearest tower of the network operator, and the indoor antenna distributes it within a specific premises after the signal is boosted. As a result both incoming and outgoing network signals must become strong ensuring excellent communication.

2. Signal Types

Signal boosters come in a range of capacities and coverage types and it is of vital importance to understand your signal needs before choosing the most appropriate one:

Get in contact with our technical experts who will provide you with proper guidance on selecting the right type of booster.

3. Compliance of boosters and providers’ frequencies

As noticed earlier, certain frequencies are used when transmitting signals from your network provider. Hence, it is important to select a signal booster that is compatible with your network operator’s frequency. We have made it easy for you and by using our Search engine, you can easily select the right type of booster based on the frequency. This way, you can shortlist compatible boosters.

4. Coverage Area

The coverage area is known as an approximate size of territory measured in square metres or foot where you will be installing a booster for improving network coverage and signals. It could range from as small as a room to as large as a farmhouse, depending upon your actual needs. See which appropriate signal booster works perfectly based upon your coverage area.
It is to be noted that the coverage area written on models by manufacturers is under ideal conditions such as:

Unfortunately, it is understood that in reality, there are no ideal conditions that exist. Hence, we strongly recommend to choose models with larger coverage area than your actual area.
We understand that it gets difficult to choose the right type of mobile phone signal booster based on coverage area and frequencies. So go ahead and get in touch with our contact technical specialists for the best possible assistance.

5. Signal Strength Requirements

For effective signal improvement, it is important to select a booster based on your network operator’s existing signal strength. Using your mobile phone in Field test mode, check the signal strength in open area. If you see more than 2 bars, (about -90dB or less), then your booster will work correctly. If your signal is very weak, then you may need a powerful booster.

6. Boosters and their characteristics

All booster models have their power levels mentioned with the initials dB. Signal boosters also vary with their amplification strength. For example, small areas within the range of 150 m2, a 10dB signal booster is adequate enough, whereas for larger areas over 500-700 m2, a 15dB gain may work out well. But in the end, what booster really provides the desired results is based on the initial selection process. The higher the gain, the better the network coverage. Check with our experts to find out what booster model suits your needs.

7. External antennas

Here are the type of external antennas that we offer. It is important to understand the right type of antenna, appropriate for your location:

8. Indoor or internal antennas

Every booster kit comes with an indoor and an outdoor antenna. Choosing the right type of model with the right type of indoor antenna is of pivotal importance as it determines how the signals will be distributed at the place of installation.

We would suggest to browse our Accessories page on Mobile Signal Boosters, or Contact us to find out the most suitable and appropriate booster based on your network frequencies and needs.

9. Cables

The  cables are required to connect the booster with antennas. The cable length and type varies from model to model. Every signal booster comes with a complete kit that includes cables. Therefore, you need not to buy them separately.

If possible, we would recommend to shorten unnecessary cable length to improve network coverage.

We use only low loss coaxial cables with the best quality that support various frequencies with minimal signal loss. All types of these cables are listed on the Accessories page.

10. Automated search

We understand how complex it can be to select the right mobile phone signal booster. As such, we have developed our advanced and automated Search engine that will help you in finding the best booster by your needs in only 3 steps. In case you have any questions or suggestions, contact us now!

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