Case Studies

Giampietro Saragozza

Cardiff, Wales

I believed in the liability of this company

The quality of mobile signal at my home was really poor. I couldn’t make phone calls inside my house, GSM signal didn’t reach there and I had no service at all.

I guess the reason of this problem was in remoteness of mobile operator’s station. But on Internet I found the way to improve the signal - mobile phone signal repeater.

I believed in the liability of this company and bought of of their models. The website looks good and simple, with a large choice of products. I liked also the proficiency and patience of client manager.

Now I’m completely satisfied of the result. After installation I have a signal of 4-5 bars that covers all my house. The installation process didn’t take a lot of time thanks to complete instructions.

I also installed a cooler near the booster, as the temperature here in Sicily can reach 40° ! YOu can see it on the photo.

Thank you Mobile-Signal-Boosters!

Kaley Toots

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello dear Mobile-Signal-Boosters, finally I can leave my feedback about the booster that I’ve bought. I’ve installed the booster in my 2-floors house. The signal is good outside but it didn’t get into my house.

I installed the outside antenna on the roof, and you can see the inside antenna on the photos below. Honestly speaking, I was impressed with the result! Before I had no service at all inside, but now I have a strong signal inside and even around my house.

Calls without interruptions. 4-5 bars inside and even outside. I’m happy.

I am so grateful to team for the best solution against a weak signal.

Vincent Sherlock

Co. Mayo. Ireland

I should have installed an amplifier before

Recently, I’ve ordered two equipments from, but I was mistaken, now I understand that one booster could be enough. I ordered one booster to amplify my cell phone coverage. Since 2009 when I moved to my house I couldn’t make calls inside. It was awful. So I began my research on how to solve this problem. Finally, I found ’ web-site. I checked different models and even contacted their sales team which was really helpful. My amplifier came to my address in a few days, and the installation took less than a half hour. The result was really impressive. I even disconnected the booster and took some photos so you could check signal bars on my phone. As you can see these photos were taken with 5 minutes interval so please, just note the difference of signal quality while the mobile signal repeater was on or off.

At 2.20 pm, when the first picture was taken, I had 5 signal bars thanks to an amplifier connected.

Then I turned off the power of booster. Suddenly I saw signal bars disappear on my phone. The signal was lost. Then I switched on the amplifier, and soon I’ve noticed on the screen all bars to be restored.

I think my images demonstrate very clearly the effectiveness of such equipment and I’m completely satisfied with the result. I definitely should have installed an amplifier before.

I ordered an Anytone AT700. This model covered all my 2-floors house with a strong mobile signal, regardless the thickness of the walls, now I make calls anywhere in my house.

My second order was a 3G booster. There is no fixed internet connection where I live so I use a 3G modem to have access to internet. It was not so bad, but still sometimes the speed was low even for my simple standard usage. I’m sending you some photos of speed test results also in format before/after.

For amplify 3G signal I ordered a Nikrans MA-2503G. This booster amplifies 3G signal for my wireless router and brings it into every room. The speed sometimes gets to 5 Mbs.

Honestly speaking, I’m satisfied with my purchase. I appreciate a lot the professionalism and client-orientation of sales team. They replied to all my questions and satisfied all my needs. I will recommend this merchant to anyone, this is for sure, because these guys provide really professional and client-oriented service.

Nikles Thierry

Tuam, Ireland

I was always out of the coverage

I leave in my parents’ house and recently I moved to the basement so I can feel more privacy. But, still I had to be in the house because the coverage in my basement was awful. The reception was so bad that I couldn’t even make a call. The lack of strong signal was driving me crazy so I even decided to move to a rented apartment. It wasn’t a good solution, because it was far to get to my workplace and college. The problem escalated and needed to be solved.

I found the solution in a mobile signal amplifier! User-friendly and super easy to install. This device is compact and well designed. It brought me a strong signal to my basement. I’m very satisfied with the result. Thank’s to

Cyril Marsaud

London, UK

Now I can work from home thanks to a 3G repeater

I accommodated my office in the basement of my house.Mobile signal didn’t get there and I had difficulties to make or receive a call, or have an interrupted Internet connection.

I started to examine Internet to find the way how to improve a weak mobile signal at home. And I learned about such device as a mobile signal repeater. 

I really needed help in choosing a right model, but the sales team was very helpful and effective. Manager Julie advised me a 3G booster to repeat the 3G mobile signal of my mobile operators - EE and Vodafone.

I placed my order and received my package in a few days.

I installed the equipment by myself, it wasn’t so hard as I thought. It took something about 10 min.

What I appreciated a lot, it’s a plug-a-play mode of this device. I connected all the cables, switched on the booster and soon I saw 5 bars of 3G on my phones! From this moment I have never suffered from poor internet connection at my office.

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