Home Mobile Phone Booster Nikrans LCD-300GD

Indoor coverage:
3300 ft²
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2 Band
Kit contents
  • Nikrans LCD-300GD cell booster for home,
  • indoor whip antenna
  • indoor ceiling antenna, indoor cable - 5m,
  • outdoor antenna, outdoor cable - 20m,
  • power supply,
  • user manual
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Nikrans LCD-300GD is the next generation, latest booster equipped with the most advanced wireless technology to amplify signals. This particular model is developed only for improving GSM signals at frequencies of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz simultaneously, both being the most common in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. 1800 Mhz is mostly considered supplemental, but in some areas, it is the primary frequency operated. Moreover, it is often used for transmitting 4G. Consequently, the dual band amplifier will work best for smartphones running on both frequencies. With a built-in LCD screen, it shows system diagnostics such as signal level, setup recommendations, error notifications, power management and ALC data. Hence, it becomes easy and effective for novice users to use this device.

Since it is an upgraded model of previous versions, it now covers areas as large as up to 3200 ft2(300 m2 ). Ideally speaking, this coverage is sufficient enough for providing uninterrupted connectivity in shops, restaurants, cafes, basement offices, and even big apartments.

Home Mobile Phone Booster Nikrans LCD-300GD is the most cost effective and reliable booster that you can use to improve your network coverage. Here are some additional features of it:

  • LCD display. An LCD display is helpful for both novices and experts. It improves user experience and provides several notifications about the device such as installation steps, antenna gain and more.
  • Sleep mode. When the booster detects no incoming and outgoing traffic, it automatically switches to the sleep mode.
  • Automatic signal control function. When network reception is poor, the booster automatically adjusts gain levels.
  • Compact size and light weight. This Nikrans booster is designed to be compact, stylish and lightweight, making it easy and portable to displace around.

LCD-300GD signal amplifier provides uninterrupted voice calls alongside stable GPRS and EDGE networks. The device has passed all stringent European safety tests and obtained CE and RoHS certificates that proves its 100% safety for usage. It does not emit harmful radiations.

Order the dual band amplifier now and talk to your loved ones without any network issues.


Coverage:3300 ft²
Up-link freq:72
Down-link freq:935-960 & 1805-1880
Up-link Gain:67 dB
Down-link Gain:72 dB
Power Output:16 dBm
Working t °C:-25/+55 °C
Humidity:5 - 95 %
Size (mm):225 × 140 × 32
Booster Weight:1.2 kg
Power supply:Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year:2017
Download Datasheet

How it works

It is recommended to use Home Mobile Phone Booster Nikrans LCD-300GD for small-sized buildings and apartments as it has a coverage area of around 300 m2 (3200 ft2).

The booster has a booster box, two indoor antennas (for better rebroadcast of the enhanced signal over the premises), one outdoor antenna and necessary cables. The installation process is quite straightforward and doesn’t require any specific skills. But it is important to install it in a right way.

The best location to install an outdoor antenna is a roof (if there is no such an opportunity place it outdoors at you window). It should be aimed away from the building. The indoor ceiling antenna can be fixed, for example, on the first floor, in the basement or in the part of the building where the amplified signal rebroadcast by the whip antenna may not reach.

Case Studies

Edwin Ploss, Merthyr Tydfil

Rapid delivery with all parts inside.

The package from Mobile-phone-signal-boosters.co.uk’ store arrived so fast that we didn’t even expect it to be at our house yet. After we opened it, I was pleasantly surprised with the careful way it all was wrapped. Every detail was there (the booster box, two antennas, power source and wires), new and intact, and the user guide clearly and simply explained the assembling process, that I had no idea what to do about.

Iain Mackintosh, Pitlochry

I had doubts of installing it myself but finally managed!

We actually spent some time on mounting the outside antenna on the roof of our house and making it face the side that was opposite of the hill that interrupted our signal, but otherwise, the installation process was extremely fast and easy. All we had to do after that was to connect this antenna to a signal repeater where I had already plugged the inner antenna, and then plug it into the power socket.

Steve Mayo, Glasgow

Stunning amplification!

I find it a very memorable thing that soon after I switched my Mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk booster on, the phone inside my pocket buzzed. It finally received a message, because the signal inside my cabin became stable and good. It was very unusual to see the working signal (four signal bars on my phone and more) at this place. The booster was actually working very well, amplifying this so very needed BT Mobile signal.

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