GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Image GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO
Image GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 1
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 2
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 3
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 4
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 5
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 6
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 7
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 8
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 9
GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO image 10

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How to install mobile repeater

Indoor coverage:
2700 ft²
EE GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROO2 GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROVodafone GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROThree GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROVirgin Mobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROTesco Mobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROBT Mobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROGiffgaff GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROLycamobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROTalk Mobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROTalk Talk GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROiD Mobile GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROLebara GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PROPlusnet GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO
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3 Band
Kit contents
  • Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO booster,
  • indoor ceiling antenna+ 5m cable,
  • outdoor beautification yagi antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply
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Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO is a GSM+4G booster designed for improving the quality of phone calls and mobile Internet. This connection type permits you to improve the work of any mobile applications you use (Skype, online browsing, chatting, VoiP). Moreover, it will also serve for boosting GSM services (voice phone calls, SMS).

The 4G signal repeater works at 800 and 2600 MHz for 4G and 900 MHz for calls which are the most common signal standards for different mobile providers in the UK and all over the world. As an additional bonus this booster can improve 3G Internet in case your operator provides 3G at 900 MHz band. The booster is suitable for small areas of about 2500 ft2 (250 m2), for example, apartments, small private houses, offices, studios, garages, etc.

With Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO you'll get perfect mobile phone communication and stable 4G Internet at the same time. Among other major features there are:

  • LCD screen.It shows you signal level inside and outside which helps a lot during setup. Should there be any errors, the screen will display messages explaining the reason and suggest solutions. Installation tips are also available.
  • Sleep mode.When you do not use mobile connection (calls or mobile Internet), the amplifier goes into energy saving mode getting back into working mode automatically as soon as you start using your phone.
  • Auto Control.The booster self-adjusts input signal and gain basing on signal reception conditions at your place.

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO 4G repeater comes in a kit which is complete with antennas, cables and mountings. So, as soon as you get the parcel you can get down to installation immediately. You´ll spend no more than 15-20 minutes on the installation as it’s easy and doesn’t require any special knowledge. After you mount the whole system, plug it into a power supply and enjoy speedy mobile internet.

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO booster antenna is safe and healthy, which is proven by CE and RoHS international certificates of quality. The mobile phone antenna booster LCD250-GSM+4G PRO Nikrans is a safe product which doesn’t emit additional radiations over its users. The device on the contrary will get rid you of excessive emissions from mobile phones and too fast battery discharge which are typical for poor covered areas.

Buy Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO and forget about interrupted calls and slow mobile Internet!


Coverage: 2700 ft²
Up-link freq: 70
Down-link freq: 791-821 & 935-960 & 2620-2690
Up-link Gain: 60 dB
Down-link Gain: 70 dB
Power Output: 24 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 325 × 270 × 60
Booster Weight: 5 kg
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2017
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How it works

As GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO is intended for improving mobile connection in apartments, offices and rather small private houses, the standard kit of this device includes an inside antenna of a 5-meter length. Nevertheless, given the fact that in any case an outdoor antenna should be mounted on the roof of your house or office building, a coaxial cable that should be used for connecting your outdoor antenna with your booster is 20 meters long.

Thanks to auto control function, this device is able to adjust its gains and the level of the received signal based on specific current conditions. Moreover, sleep mode helps to minimize the volume of energy consumed.

Customer Reviews

 ·  R  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Supports a lot of devices

No matter how many visitors we have and how many smartphones and laptops are used at the same time, no one complained about the signal getting weaker. This repeater is an amazing thing to have, and it works really well.

Hello Rojin, it does support unlimited quantity of devices, so don’t worry about that. Sincerely, MyAmplifiers team.

 ·  V  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

A great purchase

I required a booster for my office, and I decided to buy one from this site, because the prices seemed very attractive. I was never disappointed in the one that I got! It does what it needs to do and needs no maintenance.

Hello Vanessa, it’s good that our product didn’t disappoint you, and we enjoy that you like it so much! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  S  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Worked with several operators

I had to change operators a couple of times while living at the same place, but I never had to change a signal repeater. This is very practical and I love that it can support not just one operator or frequency.

Hello Shane, and thank you for your review! We’re glad that you love the way our product works for you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  R  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Consumes little power

I’m a very environmentally friendly person (or at least I try my best to be one), and I’m really glad that the booster consumes so little energy, no matter how much I use it. I was worried about my bills too, for sure.

Hello Rowan, we’re glad that the low power consumption is so convenient for you! Sincerely, Support team.

 ·  R  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

No more poor connection

This is amazing that I don’t have to face poor connection anymore. It was absolutely frustrating, but now I even start forgetting what it was like, because no issues happened after I got the repeater.

Hello Riaz, it’s our goal to help you forget about poor connection. Glad we could help! Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  H  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Great Set of Functions

The device is very effective, I didn’t even expect it! My phone screen shows all bars in the house, even in the basement. Moreover, it’s compact, stylish and even trendy, I’d say. Don’t hesitate about its quality and function.

Dear Hannah, thank you for the review. Carry on enjoying it! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  M  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Won’t Suit for Large Areas

This was my first booster, so I didn’t pay much attention to numerous factors. For example, I didn’t take notice of the fact that the indoor coverage of the model is only 250 m2. So I had to change it.

Dear Mike, thank you for leaving feedback. Next time you need any advice feel free to contact us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  D  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

No Complaints

Fully corresponds to the description provided at the company’s website. Improves poor GSM and 4G, and even 3G at some frequencies. Has an LCD screen and sleep mode function. Generally speaking, I’m pleased.

Dear Darrel, thank you very much for your review. We are glad that you are satisfied with the booster. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  S  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Affordable Device

Despite many users, who say that the device is pricy, I think that the cost is affordable and it doesn’t frighten the potential buyer. The details are all included in the full set, so you don’t need to purchase anything extra.

Dear Samuel, thank you for sharing your opinion. Welcome to our store next time. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  G  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Ensures Stable Connection

The booster ensures a good quality GSM connection and a stable internet. It’s very comfortable to install and to use. The size is rather compact despite its effectiveness. A bit expensive, but worth it.

Dear Grace, we are grateful to you for sharing your review. Keep on enjoying! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  M  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Irreplaceable Thing for a Bad Network Signal

This amplifier is a very good thing! I had practically no mobile connection at home and now with the booster I have 3-4 bars. The installation was simple, moreover the company provides a user’s manual.

Dear Mike, thank you very much for leaving a review. We are glad that you liked the product. Best regards, support team.

 ·  E  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Great Solution

This device is a real salvation. It helps refine signal in my house and due to it I can enjoy stable voice connection without any drops and interruptions as well as surf the mobile internet without any limitations.

Dear Ethan, thank you for your opinion. See you next time in our store. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  L  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good Impression

I got this device a month ago as a present from my friend and now I’d like to tell you that this is the best gift I have ever received. Compact and stylish, effective and powerful at the same time. Leaves only good impression.

Dear Lily, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about our product. We are glad that you like it. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  I  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

A Little Pricy

A liked the design of the device which is pretty stylish and the quality which is beyond any praise. The only point was the cost of the model, as it’s a little bit pricy. Nevertheless, it’s worth the money!

Dear Isabella, thank you very much for your feedback. See you next time at our store. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  A  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Great Product

I bought it to improve poor GSM coverage and to have better internet connection. The device perfectly copes with these tasks. The quality of voice connection is very good and all the mobile apps work fast.

Dear Alan, thank you for the review. We are glad to be of use for you. Best regards, Support team.

Case Studies

Roger Thomson, Kidderminster

Our solution to 4G Tesco Mobile signal problems.

We needed our 4G and GSM signals back desperately, and we didn’t want to end our contract with Tesco Mobile, because the tariff plan we had was perfect for our situation, and it was a much cheaper option than any other local operator could offer. We heard from one of our neighbors before that she had been using a signal repeater, but we didn’t know which one exactly, so we started looking for it ourselves.

Patrick Kimble, Bath

In my café visitors suffered from mobile signal problems.

I purchased a booster at in order to improve a poor signal in my café. The place is located in the underground and the signal failed to reach people inside. My visitors used to complain about constant signal problems, they couldn’t make and receive calls, the internet speed left much to be desired. I managed to get rid of all these problems as soon as I installed mobile phone signal amplifier.

Radley Ough, Stockport

Fair price for quality device. was actually the first company that I found, and I stopped searching for others. I didn’t know anything on the subject, but I found all the information I needed on their website. The model I was recommended was an ideal option at a fair price that I could afford. I was promised that it would enhance GSM and 4G signals all around my apartment and I’ll never experience poor call and Internet quality anymore.

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